Dan Del Negro
A Method and Music...
for Personal and Global Transformation!


Method Overview: Principles and Practices



These principles are like starting or “jumping off” points: they are markers showing a place to start from in experimenting with ideas which can be proven in one’s own experience- the real test of truth!

Higher Power:

- A Higher Power exists

- This Higher Power can be communicated with

- The Higher Power will provide love, guidance, and opportunity upon invitation.

- The Higher Power is the essence of everything and everyone, therefore, everything and everyone is Divine.


Global Transformation:

- “Be the peace you want to see in the world”, i.e., find love within, and then bring it into every situation and thought.

- Intentions affect reality: sending positive intentions (for global peace, prosperity, healing, etc.) is a life-changing and world-changing practice- it brings the Higher Power’s infinite resources into action.



Personal and global transformation take daily practice, and, just like practice for learning to play an instrument or a sport, or to master any other skill, ability builds over time; there are also breakthroughs from time to time. Unlike many areas of endeavor, though, transformation isn't about accumulating more concepts and technique; it's a matter of practicing letting go, and opening up one's awareness!


Daily Practice:

- Meditation: relaxing, quieting the mind, and practicing letting go of thoughts

- Contemplation: calling on the Higher Power to open one’s awareness to Its Presence

- Guidance: asking the Higher Power for guidance, and listening for answers

- Intention: mentally sending positive intentions for self, others, and the world to the Higher Power.



- Reading, listening to recordings, watching video, and attending events about spiritual transformation (important to become free from erroneous conditioning)


Integration/Living It:

- “Checking in” with the Higher Power through the day, via chant, mantra, “mini-meditation/contemplation”.

- Formal practice a.m., midday, and end of day (can be short).

- Sending loving intentions in each situation (e.g., driving!)

- Being open to intuitive guidance while in action

- Being aware of the Divinity in each person, thing, and situation one encounters

- Mindfulness: being aware of thoughts, keeping mind on current action









Dan Del Negro