Dan Del Negro
A Method and Music...
for Personal and Global Transformation!



These principles are like starting or “jumping off” points: they are markers showing a place to start from in experimenting with ideas which can be proven in one’s own experience- the real test of truth!

Higher Power:

A Higher Power Exists

Quantum physics discovered that behind subatomic particles (in everything) is pure energy, which exhibits properties of intelligence. It has been shown that very specific conditions were necessary to make possible human life on earth. Observing how miraculously and wonderfully things work in nature - plants, animals, the human body, etc.- leads one to conclude there is a Supreme Intelligence at work.

However, the most compelling reason to believe a Higher Power exists is personal experience of It. When the mind is quieted, the body relaxed, and attachments and resistance are let go of in meditation, a Loving Presence appears.

This Higher Power Can Be Communicated With

This Loving Presence, the Source of everyone and everything, has a connection with us that is always "on". When we become aware of this connection, we open up a 2-way communication with this Divine Presence.

The Higher Power will provide love, guidance, and opportunity upon invitation.

When we consciously connect with this Divine Presence, Its Infinite Love is felt. We can open up to Its guidance in any area of life, and intuitive wisdom, courses of action, and appearance of situations and people at the right time are received.


The Higher Power is the essence of everything and everyone,

therefore, everything and everyone is Divine.

The essence of every particle of our bodies, and everything and everyone existing is this Divine Source Energy. Everything and everyone is therefore a manifestation of the Divine, and therefore, Divine. We can train ourselves to see this in every situation, with enormous transformative effects on our attitudes and actions, and those of others as well!

Global Transformation:

“Be the peace you want to see in the world”, i.e., find love within, and then bring it into every situation and thought.

Ghandi said, "Be the change you wish to see in the world". The meaning of that became much clearer to me when I connected with Presence and felt Its Infinite Love, and then extended this love into everyday situations. For example, driving on the freeway, I was not embodying peace before- becoming angry at slow drivers in the left lane, tailgaters, etc. But I started a habit of silently saying, "God bless everyone on this freeway" when I entered the road. This transformed my attitude toward all of the other drivers, and I saw this peaceful, loving intention transformed my actions as well, and it became clear to me how this simple, personal change in outlook could have a far-reaching effect- the spread of peace- when embodied and applied in every situation.

Intentions affect reality: sending positive intentions (for global peace, prosperity, healing, etc.) is a life-changing and world-changing practice- it brings the Higher Power’s infinite resources into action.

Experiments such as Masaru Emoto's sending positive and negative statements to water, and observing changes in the formations of crystals, and experiments in Washington, D.C., where a group of meditators was able to lower the crime rate, and others have proven that our intentions indeed have power to affect events!

We can include sending positive intentions for global peace and prosperity, and other good, as part of our daily practices, and use the power of our minds, which are a part of the Higher, Divine Mind, to effect positive changes in our lives, and toward global peace and prosperity!









Dan Del Negro