mindfulness course - PRACTICES, day 3

Coming back to this moment via awareness of simple actions and the body 

On day 3, we'll practice being aware of the simple actions we do through the course of the day, and, in our formal practice, being aware of the body. 


The simple actions we do - brushing our teeth, eating, washing dishes, etc. - are great opportunities to be mindful: because of their simplicity, we tend to get lost in thought more, and because we engage in them so often, being aware of them through the day means a lot more time coming back and being mindful, being aware! 


Being aware of the  body in our formal practice complements this, because many of our simple activities are physical, so body awareness is part of being aware of them. 


Daily-life Practice 

Coming back to this moment via
 awareness of simple actions

Throughout the day, we'll be aware of whatever we're doing, thinking, and feeling, with an added emphasis on being aware of the simple actions we do. Beginning each of the many simple actions we do during the day can serve as a reminder to come back and be aware of the present moment. 


Again, when we notice we've been lost in thought, we just gently come back. 


Formal Practice 


Sitting with awareness of the body

For our formal practice today, we'll take 20-30 minutes to sit, and be aware. Today we'll widen our awareness, from just the breath to our entire body. This will also be the practice of open, "choice-less" awareness: rather than deciding where in the body to place our focus, we'll allow the body to present objects for our awareness, moment-to-moment. A sensation in our hands, awareness of our shoulders, a few breaths, etc. 


When we notice that our mind has been lost in thought, we simply return our awareness to the body , without judgment.