Being aware in this moment, and letting go of being lost in thought is a practice and a way of life...

Life Direction Clarified, SImplified, and Focused

Checking out my recent musical endeavors - mostly, releasing music on streaming services. Checking out the ROI for doing playlist promotion (high- and low-$), and Facebook / Instagram ads. With what streaming services pay, not so great!

But, of course…

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Just Do It! Very Important!

I practiced meditation (sitting, walking, chanting, everyday-life-mindfulness) for many years, but, due to an error, only got so far.*


The error: I kept and developed some ideas-

  • That there is this “me” who is practicing
  • That there are these things…
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True Life Purpose!!

Reading stuff about Seuhn Sahn in Jon Kabat-Zinnʻs book “Coming Back to Our Senses”, remembered about his / Kwan Umʻs core teachings: keep clear mind, perceive correct situation and function, and help this world / save all beings from suffering.

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Required for Mindfulness Training - let go of Self Idea!

Iʻve practiced meditation and mindfulness, and studied Vipassana, Zen, and general mindfulness for a long, long time, but have just recently realized a big error that I would like to help others avoid from the “get-go”!


Practicing mindfulness, both formally…

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Mindfulness- How to Deal with Thoughts

We want to practice mindfulness, and that means being present in this moment, rather than lost in thought. But thoughts invariably come up - so what do we do with them?


Weʻre talking about a fine line here, but how…

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