Just Do It! Very Important!

I practiced meditation (sitting, walking, chanting, everyday-life-mindfulness) for many years, but, due to an error, only got so far.*


The error: I kept and developed some ideas-

  • That there is this “me” who is practicing
  • That there are these things called “practices”, “traditions”, and “teachings” that “I” am “practicing”
  • That there are “other people” like “teachers”, “Zen masters”, “Buddha(s)”, “fellow students”, etc. that “I” am “practicing with” and “being taught by”
  •   That there are “things to attain” and “progress to keep track of”



As Zen Master Seuhn Sahn used to say, “Just do it!”


Just do the practices! Better yet, just be aware!


And, “Don’t check!”


Allow, but then let go of, checking “how ‘I’ am ‘doing’”.

Come back! Come back to NOW!!!






*Of course, this assumes “somewhere to get to” and “someone to get there”...


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