Life Direction Clarified, SImplified, and Focused

Checking out my recent musical endeavors - mostly, releasing music on streaming services. Checking out the ROI for doing playlist promotion (high- and low-$), and Facebook / Instagram ads. With what streaming services pay, not so great!

But, of course, I dig making and releasing (sharing) this music, and it is a great form of Zen / mindfulness practice, esp. since I've been doing it most of my life!

But then, started thinking about what's most important, esp. in view of the fact that I'm headed into the proverbial “3rd Act” of my life. What's most important to accomplish and leave behind when I'm gone? (Correct Zen answer: “Sitting here, writing this”!) 

Musical endeavors notwithstanding, most of my life it's been about being more aware and less lost in thought, and sharing that practice / way of life with others. 

So although I will continue making and sharing music - mostly as part of that practice, I''m letting go of ideas of “making it” in the music biz, and any other goals, except for the one above! Simplifying and focusing!

So looks for more reporting and thoughts on my podcast, and for more songs related to it and designed to inspire people to practice as well - check out my mindfulness songs.


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